Grieving Mindfully

Learn how to engage in the process of grieving and find the pathway back to peace

The pain of grief which we feel for a loved one who has died is unlike any other experience, it takes us into the depths of darkness. All of us will know grief at some time in our lives. Whether or not we deny the experience or embrace it will determine the depth of healing and transformation that is possible. It all depends on you and the choices you make on your spiritual journey. Finding your own inner resources and understanding your emotional requirements during this time can empower you to transform the grief experience into wisdom and understanding of yourselves and those you love. This is grieving mindfully.

As hard as the path may seem, if we can engage in the grief process and actively mourn we can move through, not getting stuck in the dark, but moving toward the light, to peace, to be present in the stillness within the heart. Understanding, compassion, and the appropriate resources and tools can make all the difference. If you feel you are stuck, or would like to understand more about grieving mindfully I would be honored to companion you on your journey out of the darkness. Let me assist you in uncovering your own inner resources and resilience to move through this time gracefully and with compassion for your self, until the spring breaks through and you can
feel the sunlight once more.

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Together let us create a sacred space where each movement of fear, pain, sadness, anger, guilt and deep sorrow is gently acknowledged and released. A sanctuary where heart and mind is open to the potential for transformation to feel all feelings knowing you are safe. In this way you will begin to see the joy beyond the loss, the end of a long dark winter and the emergence of new beginnings in the love and light of your own sacred awakening heart.

When we embrace the love that we are we light up a Universe of possibility.

As Dr. Alan Wolfelt said — “Everybody grieves when someone they love dies. But only people who mourn really heal and move on to live and fully love again….It’s powerful and it’s the only thing that works.”