Often the reaction I get when I talk about forgiveness as a healing tool is “I could never do that!” “I am not about to forgive, no I cannot go there!”

When we are so caught up in the ego consciousness, the lower self or inflamed ego, it is hard to see things differently. Thats when we know we are mired in the ego, with only the possibility of suspicion at best and viciousness at its worst. 

How do we get through to the other side, how can we love or even like ourselves enough to want to see another perspective. As my good friend Lisa Transcendence Brown says; “You have to want it so much that nothing else matters.”

In other words you have to be sick of where you are, sick of the drama, fed up with feeling lost, done with the stuckness of frustration, over the suffering of it all.

Without some willingness there is no wiggle room, we need a smidgeon of willingness for the love and assistance offered by the Higher Self or Holy Spirit  to trickle in. 

We have already given ourselves an opportunity to evolve by receiving the wound, for this is where the answer, the gift has been given, some would say, here is the lesson.

As Rumi has said.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

It means we have to look at the wound, to look into our fears, facing the fear within is often more terrifying than the event itself. A friend (an ex prison officer) once told me they would rather face down a rampaging knife wielding threat than go within.

So, I get it, I know from my own personal experience and working with hundreds of clients that this is not easy, the choice to do this inner work is the most difficult challenge you may face. The great news is that the rewards are amazing. 

So what would my friend the ex prison officer say now. She would tell you that it was the best thing she ever did for herself. The peace, the freedom and the wonderful creativity and other gifts that can flow through are so worth the effort it takes.

Oh and full disclosure….she is now my producer for all my audios and retreats. The pay off for her is that she is now living her dream, doing what makes her heart sing and loving every second. Oh… and she continues with great passion, intensity and commitment to go within. 

Beginning the journey is the hardest part. Taking that first step feels like climbing Mount Everest. 

So, here are some tools to support you, and give you that encouragement and depth of understanding to help you unravel and untangle yourself from your chains of limitation, lack of self love and low self worth.

The audio series I have created is designed specifically to pull together a number of teachings to give an overview that is instructive. This is followed by meditations and affirmations that guide you and walk with you as you delve inwards and pull out the choking weeds of negative self talk, false beliefs and false thoughts by their roots.

Using the power of forgiveness offers a fast track tool to heal and transcend pain and suffering. It has been offered by the Ascended Masters, by all the great religions and spiritual teachings across time and space. I offer it to you in this easy format with grace and ease in mind, as guided by Spirit in my own meditations. I had my own hurdles to overcome to take this on as directed by Spirit, and I am glad that I did. It has been transformational for me too, as I have tested and used the material on myself and my clients. 

Here is the link for the Forgiveness Series.

Healing Through Forgiveness – An Introduction to The Nine Part Audio Series.

Purchase the series at the reduced price currently offered at $65


I wish you peace, much love and many blessings on your healing journey.

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