How To Wake Up – An Invitation

If you are reading this then it would seem that you are indeed embarking on a journey of awakening. If you are not sure here are a few key indicators.

  • Feeling like you want more from life, and questioning your purpose here.
  • Spiritual seeking; reading spiritual or philosophical books
  • Disclosure material, conspiracy theories, UFO material.
  • Feeling a need to make changes in the way you eat.
  • Becoming more conscious of your environment, earth changes, how to be more environmentally friendly.
  • An inner awakening of self awareness; feelings, fears, doubts and a review of beliefs all rising to the surface of consciousness.
  • Feeling driven to make changes in your life or having them thrust upon you. Work, relationships, health.

These are a few examples of what might be stirring within as your consciousness begins to rise. The biggest challenge and opportunity I believe, is the inner phase of becoming self-aware. This can feel uncomfortable, life changing, and troubling, as the old way of thinking based on old beliefs begins to disintegrate. You may feel great bouts of sadness and fear, not always knowing why you feel the way you do. You may feel different from your friends and family members, you may be causing them to question what you are doing and you may be a threat to their feelings of stability and safety as your own world changes within you to reveal the deepest truths of your beautiful Divine awakening heart.

You are not alone dear soul.

There are thousands upon thousands of souls already on the path of awakening and thousands more at the beginning of this process of awakening.

I am here to support your journey and offer a little light in the darkness, I too am on a path of spiritual evolution and have already journeyed through my own dark nights of the soul. There were more than just one!

As you awaken, you tune into a higher frequency of yourself, sensitive, intuitive, empathic. You will feel more deeply. As you turn away from the level of the mind, which focuses on the past and the future, you will sink more and more into the present moment. At this level of consciousness or beingness you focus on the here and now or the reality of the present moment. There is great freedom here, no anxiety about the future, no guilt or chains to the past. It takes practice to stay present, but it is here that life is lived in freedom, joy, love and fulfillment.

In the present you connect with your Divine self the all knowing self and align with your passion, your creativity and all that makes your heart sing. It is a place of deep knowing found within you.
As we awaken further we access even higher frequencies of Oneness and Unity. This eternal level is the kingdom of heaven on earth, where we know ourselves to be Divine and one with all things. This is the present, the gift.

What do you need to do to step into this empowered state of being?

Firstly take responsibility. This is your journey, yours alone. It is simple but not necessarily easy. You must ask for the help of your own Divine guidance. Why? Ego wants you to try to do this alone, to remain separate, but as you turn within to your own inner voice the quiet still voice will guide you.

Release the past through forgiveness of self and others. Feel and express your feelings responsibly from the heart not the head. With kindness, and compassion for yourself and others.

Own every aspect of yourself, yes, all of it, the shadow, the dark, the hurt and wounded aspects and patterns of control. The judgements, the unkind thoughts, the negative feelings. Stop believing in these and turn your attention to embrace your own awakening heart with kindness and compassion. Accept yourself where you are now without judgement. Love yourself like you have never been loved, like you have always wanted to be loved.

As you begin to notice and observe the thoughts and beliefs that you hold you will understand the nature of your mind.

Do not be discouraged if you feel angry or despondent. Embrace these as part of the mind that can now be released with love. All of these are aspects of the mind, as you embrace and face them they can be released. Honor yourself, be true to yourself. if you feel angry, be it. If you feel sad, be sad. Feel it with everything you have for it demands to be expressed. if you can give it voice even better!! If you can share it with someone, better still, let them be present with you and bear witness to your healing. There is no right or wrong here but only the way that will serve your highest good. Remember to ask for help from your inner divine guidance (whatever that means for you…God, Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Self, all of these and more! )

As a tool or a key to open the inner door to the sacred heart, the divine you, Meditation or the art of stillness is a means to support your observation.

Enter into the stillness and the silence and you will go to the core of your being where there is only love and light. It may be fleeting, it takes practice, it takes diligence, it takes commitment and responsibility.

You owe it to yourself to awaken to the truth of you. You are divine, you are beautiful, you are a light in this world meant to shine for the benefit of all. Will you shine dear one?

Begin the journey out of darkness into light.
Many blessings and much love to you.

Thank you to the writings of Leonard Jacobsen. “Words from Silence” — An invitation to Spiritual Awakening.

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