2017 for me as for many of you was both tumultuous and like treading water at the same time.

I had been patiently waiting most of the year for the right timing with our house move. While it felt like treading water it gave me the opportunity to get some work done. I spent a lot of the time preparing  a new audio series on ‘Forgiveness’. This  turned out to be a huge undertaking involving a great deal of personal work (of course!!) as I received insights and creative data dumps through meditation and researched the information for the series. I also chose to reread Gary Renards book …Your Immortal Reality….which should come with a health warning! Prepare to undergo some intense emotional shifts along the way. That unconscious guilt really is a bugger!! So right in the middle of reading the book and my emotional shifts I was hit by the waves of change.

Having been waiting for about a year, I manifested the perfect storm for me to navigate and practice mastery!! Everything seemed to happen in the last two months of the year. A major house move followed by a family emergency which meant I had to fly to England during the holiday season. Needless to say I felt buffeted by the energies and lets just say I had ample opportunity to choose forgiveness and stay present over and over again.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

A memorable moment for me was having ran through the airport for the second time to catch a plane which was delayed (thank you!) as all flights were that day, I ended up having a lovely moment with a fellow traveller. We were both in the middle of our flights, she back home to Florida and me to the UK. we were both dealing with family emergencies and difficult emotions heightened by lack of sleep and traveller stress.  We both shared a little of our journeying and I told her a little of myself and she asked what I did and it went from there.

I love how when we give to someone and show up in service as light workers we are transported ourselves by our act of compassion and kindness. It was a breath of fresh air and helped me to refocus my own thinking. I had been bombarded for a few days before this by a great deal of fear and had to work hard to stop myself being overwhelmed. Guilt was coming up for me in many forms, all representative of the incredible amount of unconscious guilt from our perceived initial separation from Divine Creator that lies at a subterranean level of consciousness.

Having the opportunity to simply be there for another person was such a blessing to get me out of my own head, I was very grateful. The challenges that day continued with a very bumpy ride and some magnificent turbulence on the long overseas flight. With the seat next to me empty I could sit cross legged and meditate, using the breath to calm my being and the energies surrounding me. (Everything calmed quite nicely afterwards). Again I looked to use forgiveness of my self and simply loved me as deeply as I could . I used many of the tools that I share with you and some new ones too! During my travels I practiced forgiveness the whole time, on everyone and everything!!

Valuing time spent with Family.

I did get to spend some quality time with my mother, my father and other family members. It was a very precious time and a miracle did occur that has given my father more time here. Even the consultant surgeon shared his amazement at my fathers recovery. Dad will take his exit at some point, and that is OK. I got to say ‘I love you’ numerous times, and received it also. For many years I have chosen to be very present, to appreciate and drink in the time spent with my family. Nothing unsaid, taking the time to love and appreciate each precious moment.

The trip was very profound in many ways and writing this has helped me see things at yet another level. So thank you, I hope my sharing supports you in your journeying, all of us have to do our inner work, there is no easy way through. However, having the right tools and understanding helps tremendously.

I welcome and embrace 2018 as a year to take action, to have more grand adventures, to share and be of service to the light, and to be compassionate and kind to myself and others.

I will be launching the Forgiveness Audio Series in the near future!! Love yourself and be kind to yourself.

Much love and many blessings.


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