New Beginnings

Having written plenty of other articles for friends blogs and other agencies it is time for me!

For some time now I have been wondering when everything would come together for the next level of my spiritual evolution as a therapist and energy healer. Here we are; a new website with audio and an accompanying digital video channel linked to HOWTUBE. Here I am able to offer video and audio packages for clients who cannot get to a session or who would simply like to do their inner work in the privacy of their own home. So many wonderful teachers out there offer these wonderful resources and I decided it was time I did too. Some might say (including my husband) that it took long enough….but… well we have to be ready at our own pace don’t we? Am I the only lightworker/therapist/healer who has been dragging her feet a little? And if thats the case…well, it is what it is!!!

Anyway…..welcome to my new social media life. Technology is a wonderful tool and as Matt Kahn advises I will be using it to support my journey and hopefully yours without getting pulled into the void!! Well, thats the plan, and what am I up to these days? In a nutshell, or as close as…

Ultimately, I feel my way of being in service to the light is to assist, support and guide you, dear soul, to access the truth of who you really are, at the level you are able to experience it at this time. My wish for you is to know the deep level of transcendent love that is the truth of your being, to experience your own beauty, power and expansiveness as never before. To open up and ignite your sacred divine heart to burst into radiance, so you can be love, feel love and radiate that from this moment on. Interested????

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